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Inspector Recruitment Application System (IRAS): Applicant Portal
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Welcome to the Inspector Recruitment Application System (IRAS). This system is designed to serve as your source of information regarding your progress through automated portions of the Postal Inspector application process. From this site, you will be able to:

  1. Create an account, using the “Applicant Registration” tab above, which will allow you to initiate the application process. (This feature is only accessible during open seasons.)
  2. Monitor your application status and update your profile, using the “Login” tab above.

Click here to access IRAS Troubleshooting Tips.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All start times and end times in the IRAS system are based on Central Standard Time.

Open Season Is Closed

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service is an equal opportunity employer.

The Inspection Service hiring portal will be open specifically for the position of United States Postal Inspector for Office of Personnel Management (OPM)-designated 1811 Series, Criminal Investigator applicants in designated geographic locations. The portal opening dates will be June 21, 2021 – June 26, 2021 (beginning Monday at 10:00 AM CDT and ending Saturday at 10:00 AM CDT).

We are seeking interested 1811 Criminal Investigators for the following locations:
Boston Division: Portland, ME
Boston Division: Syracuse, NY
Chicago Division: Chicago, IL
Chicago Division: Milwaukee, WI
Chicago Division: St. Louis, MO
Detroit Division: Detroit, MI
Fort Worth Division: Oklahoma City, OK
Houston Division: Corpus Christi, TX
Houston Division: Shreveport, LA
Los Angeles Division: Los Angeles, CA
New York Division: New York, NY
Newark Division: San Juan, PR* (special skills required)
National Headquarters (NHQ): Washington, DC* (special skills required)
Philadelphia Division: Philadelphia, PA
Phoenix Division: Phoenix, AZ
Pittsburgh Division: Louisville, KY
San Francisco Division: San Francisco, CA
San Francisco Division: Sacramento, CA
Seattle Division: Seattle, WA
Seattle Division: Anchorage, AK
Seattle Division: Juneau, AK
Seattle Division: Grants Pass, OR

Applicants are required to indicate location preference (Division/Domicile) in their application. Relocation benefits are not authorized.

Applicants eligible to apply must be currently employed for a minimum of three years as an OPM-designated 1811 Series Criminal Investigator (career or career-conditional) and willing to work in one or more of the locations listed above.

*The attached document contains the required Special Skills for these locations.
Required Skills

Please contact if you have questions.

IMPORTANT: All conditions as described MUST be met for your application to be considered. If you apply and do not meet ALL criteria, you will not be considered for a position.

Applications will be accepted via the Inspector Recruitment Application System (IRAS) by clicking on the Applicant Registration link above.
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